Alicia Edelweiss

Mariahilfer Straße, Nordbahnhof, 2018

It all started with a journey. “After having finished school I knew that I wanted to travel, but I did not know how”, Alicia Edelweiss reflects on her beginning as a musician, “until I’ve met people who travelled without money.” And from travelling without money it was only a small step to busking on the streets of France, Portugal or Spain. Since then a lot has happened in the musical career of the Austrian singer-songwriter with Welsh and Basque roots. However, Alicia Edelweiss has always treasured the hippiesque, roaming spirit of these early days on the streets. Not only are her outfits and make-up striking, but also her performance has something circus-like to it. Alicia Edelweiss loves to dance and hula-hoop. And inspired by Freak Folk she knows how to take her audience on a musical journey to wondrous worlds.

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Christopher Herndler
Michael Luger
Florian Bach
Mariahilfer Straße