Architecture in Helsinki

Arne-Carlsson- Park, 2011

It’s a sunny spring day in Vienna and the right time to take a stroll with one of our favourite bands to the closest park for an acoustic session. Prepared with pretty cool sunglasses the Melbourne-based musicians gather next to some tree for an elated performance of „Escapee“. After that the rendition of „Contact High“ on a walk-up turns out not less buoyant. With little means Architecture in Helsinki manage to create one of the most comforting and enjoyable sound universes. It is only surprising that there is no cheering crowd as this is what you would expect for such a nice session. While Architecture in Helsinki’s Take Away Show ( in Paris turned out to be the greatest sing-along show, the session in Vienna passes by pretty much unnoticed. Yet in whatever context this band plays – may it be exhilarated or laid-back – it feels just right.

Simon Brugner
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Simon Brugner

Arne-Carlsson- Park

Arne-Karlsson-Park is – with a size of 12.500 square meters – among the biggest parks of Vienna’s 9th district Alsergrund. It is named after the head of the Swedish relief action for Vienna in 1946/47, when Karlssons initiative led to 70.000 food rations being given to poor and hungry people every day. Unlike some other Viennese parks, Arne-Karlsson-Park is accessible all day and night and serves as a recreation area for students from the many nearby University departments. Moreover there are ramps and half-pipes for skaters. Until 1860 the area was used for a so called Siechenhaus, a special house for quarantined people who were isolated because of contagious diseases. Afterwards the City of Vienna built a Bürgerversorgungshaus, a hospital for poor people. In 1928, the park was opened in today’s shape, except for the 700-square-meter air-raid-shelter that was erected during the Second World War.