Azure Ray

Café Weidinger, 2011

„Such a nice music!“, the billiard players say after our session with Azure Ray. „It’s a pity that it’s already over!“ We invite Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor from Omaha, Nebraska, to the charming Café Weidinger when we meet them on a sunny but freezing cold February morning. They head for a quiet corner next to the billiard players and treat us (and them) with beautiful and heartwarming versions of their songs „Don’t Leave My Mind“ and „Hold On Love“, accompanied only by the occasional sound of touching billiard balls. It is a very particular atmosphere at this traditional, old-established café with its worn-out furniture and wall colours, when Orenda’s and Maria’s soft voices and their gentle guitar play fill the room. Heads turn around and the waiter takes a curious glimpse around the corner. When Azure Ray leave the coffee house after their little set the billiard players are not the only ones who would have enjoyed more music from Maria and Orenda!

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Michael Luger
Andreas Jakwerth
Azure Ray

Café Weidinger

Old-established, charmingly out of time and full of slightly worn out furniture: these characteristics apply to quite many traditional Viennese cafés, but out of all those Café Weidinger is still a particular one. It is not – as most of the others – located in the Inner City, so it’s hardly ever on the tourist radar. Situated on the edge of the multicultural 15th district, Café Weidinger is a quiet gem surrounded by the noisy Gürtel road and the shrill Lugner City shopping center. 80 per cent of the customers of the café are said to be regulars, and most of them don’t even have to order something to get served what they want. You’ll see people reading newspapers, playing carambole or cards, discussing the state of the world, joking with the waiter or having small, traditional Viennese dishes. Since 1928 Café Weidinger is a microcosm where the old times are conserved and the hectic pace of the big city is slowed down. Just take your time and try it out!