Gartenbaukino, 2019

The curtain rises. The huge cinema – Vienna’ beautiful Gartenbaukino – is almost empty, but when Baits start into their first chords the room fills with energy and intensity. Baits describe themselves as “4 Vienna-based dilettantes with a knack for hooks and simplicity”. We don’t know about the dilettante-part, but they certainly get straight to the point with their songs, be it garage rock tunes such as “Enough” or “What’s On Your Mind” or the beautifully mellow “Parallel Universe” with its divine melodies.

Michael Luger
Phil Hillebrand
Kathrin Suppanz
David Ruhmer
Post production
Christopher Herndler


Gartenbaukino is a cinema in Vienna’s Inner City, situated directly at the Ringstraße. It is among the oldest and last cinemas in town with only one screen. The cinema opened for the first time in 1919 in what was previously an exhibition hall. In 1960 it was rebuilt on the same ground and since then has an impressive capacity of 736 people. This fact makes the Gartenbau a very popular cinema for movie premieres with special guests from around the world, for example during the Viennese film festival Viennale, which takes place every year in autumn. The Gartenbaukino provides a more arthouse-stlye programme in a cosy 1960s-charm. The small bar in the foyer is worth a visit too.