Bo Candy And His Broken Hearts

Heuriger Zawodsky, 2011

On a balmy evening in early summer we accompany Bo Candy And His Broken Hearts to the suburban district Grinzing. The rural neighbourhood is known for its cosy Heurigen wine taverns and at one of those idyllic places the quintet goes for a jovial acoustic set. It was just a matter of time that we would catch up with Burgenland-based singer and songwriter Thomas Pronai, since he has been involved in the Austrian music scene for quite a while. A lot of Austrian bands are from this southeastern province and Thomas knows them all. He played in The Beautiful Kantine Band ( and produced albums for Garish, Ja, Panik and many others. Not so long ago he started the rousing Bo Candy And His Broken Hearts. Joined by Patrick, Ivo, Judith and Julian (whom we have met before for a filming session with Garish ( Bo Candy And His Broken Hearts include elements of Rock, Blues and Country in their invigorating sound universe. Besides the lively „Citylights“ the band plays the two unreleased songs „Plain Water“ and „Hang On To Your Desire“. This vespertine session definitely wets our appetite for the November-release of their second EP!

Sarah Brugner
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Sarah Brugner

Heuriger Zawodsky

Winegrowing has a strong tradition in Vienna. In 1784 the Austrian Emperor Joseph II allowed winemakers to serve self-produced wine and food without any license, which was the starting point for today’s Heurigen culture. „Heuriger“ on the one hand refers to the wine of the last harvest, on the other hand to the traditional taverns where it is served. Most of these taverns are located in the western outskirts of Vienna, where the hills of the Wiener Wald forest start and numerous vineyards can be found (still within Vienna’s city limits). The best-known Heurigen-area is certainly Grinzing, a neighbourhood in the 19th district. Traditionally the Heurigen taverns are only open seasonally and signalise their opening period with a pine branch above the entrance. Nowadays many Heurigen don’t take it too strictly with tradition and serve also other drinks than wine and a bigger variety of food, but there are also enough examples of old-school Heurigen. Zawodsky is one of them: The well-known and popular taverns offers organic food, tasty wine and – when you take a seat at the wooden tables in the garden – a splendid view over Vienna!