mBox Studios Attic, 2015

Contrails is a dream pop band from Vienna, Austria. With up to eight people on stage and an even bigger line-up on record they produce a multi-layered and atmospheric sound. Electronic beats and synths are accompanied by violins, guitars, bass and singer Stefan’s dreamy, catchy vocals. This live session – filmed in the attic above their recording studio – captures the band right at the time of the release of their second album “Mania”.

Leopold Kaserer
Alex Plattner
Sound Recording
Philip Panikowski
Sound Mix
Ronald Dangl
Post production
Stefan Sieder
Leopold Kaserer
Zuzana Sieder
Thanks to
Esther Paul

mBox Studios Attic

The attic is located in the same building where mBox Studios are. Since 2004 mBox Studios are a home for musicians for rehearsing and recording in Vienna’s second district. The house was built in 1906 and since then the attic was unused most of the time. People used it to dry their laundry. Years ago, young people had fun while playing Paintball there. Sometimes pigeons are lucky and find a way there to build their nests or to take a nap.