Die Sterne

Hotel Fürstenhof, 2009

Climbing up the staircase of the hotel and then further through the skylight, Die Sterne finally stand in the summerly heat on an unsecured roof terrace with a nice view over the city. Vienna is at their feet when they perform “Nach Fest kommt Lose” from their latest album, followed by one of their biggest hits “Wenn dir St.Pauli auf den Geist fällt”. Around St. Pauli – a vibrant district of Hamburg – many bands have formed and several of those have coined the term “Hamburger Schule”. “Hamburger Schule” as a German singing pop tradition arose at the end of the 1980s. Some of the most popular bands that came out of it are Blumfeld, Tocotronic and of course, Die Sterne. They formed in 1992 with the constant three members Frank Spilker – vocals and guitar -, Thomas Wenzel – bass -, and Christoph Leich – drums. Two of them are also playing in other bands that we have filmed so far. The singer has its self-named German rock side-project Frank Spilker Gruppe ( while the bassist Thomas Wenzel is part of the German punk band Die Goldenen Zitronen ( Just at one point of this venturesome session the otherwise easygoing Frank Spilker loses his cool. When the photographer keeps balancing along the abyss, Frank requests: “Oh man, don’t go so close to the edge! That really costs me nerves.”

Simon Brugner
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Simon Brugner
Franz Bruger
Die Sterne

Hotel Fürstenhof

Fürstenhof is a popular accommodation for alternative musicians on tour. The family-run hotel on Neubaugürtel next to Westbahnhof offers special discounts for artist. The house was built more than a century ago; dark red carpets, wooden furniture as well as the dedicated family working behind the counter all contribute to an old-fashioned, yet warm and friendly ambiance. The wall in the lobby is full of photos from bands that have chosen to stay at Fürstenhof. It is quite likely to have breakfast next to some musicians in here. During the Bluebird-Festival the number of musicians might have even outreached the number of non-artists.