Bašcaršija, 2017

The Sarajevo-based band Divanhana mix traditional music (with a particular accent to Sevdalinka) with pop appeal and gained international success with it. It is especially nice to meet them in their hometown so that they can send out a musical postcard to their fans near and far. Also their choice of song seems very apt for the setting. “If I were a bird” as it means translated to English “and had wings, I would fly across the entire Bosnia”. When Naida Catic is singing about their home country, all the other noises on this busy square seem to drown out. And as unexpected as this animated and rousing performance started, it is over again. Applause!

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Post production
Sarah Brugner


Bašcaršija is the historical and cultural center of the city and thus the heart of Sarajevo. When it was built in the 15th century it was double the size of today. However, due to a large fire in the 19th century big parts were destroyed. The old bazaar offers various attractions for sightseeing, but the wooden fountain Sebilj is undoubtedly the center of it. Today Bašcaršija is the major tourist attraction and remains at the same time still popular with locals. It is always brimming with life and thus the perfect spot for spending an hour or more over a Bosnian coffee watching the daily hustle and bustle.