Einar Stray

Alter Elbtunnel, 2012

Deep underneath the river Elbe in Hamburg Oslo-based Einar Stray and his bandmates gather for an haunting a-cappella-session. Through the warm and colourful humming sound the dark lyrics hit you right in the belly. Reduced to its bones the song “For The Country” is of striking intensity. Here underwater with the background noise of droning machines, speeding cyclists and people passing by this young band is giving us the goosebump feeling!

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Michael Luger

Alter Elbtunnel

Often you need to come back to a city to discover its hidden treasures. The Old Elbtunnel leading from St. Pauli to the Elbe Island Steinwerder is such a tucked away jewellery. For most Hamburgers it is just a way to get from A to B, but what a special one! Opened more than a century ago in 1911 the St. Pauli Elbtunnel serves as a public underwater thoroughfare for pedestrians, cyclists and – to a restricted amount – cars. Along the tiled walls of the 426,5 meters long tunnel you can find various stoneware reliefs illustrating fish, crabs, shells and other life forms of the massive river Elbe.