Emily Jane White

Blutgassenviertel, 2010

The San-Francisco based singer and songwriter Emily Jane White has already done several performances for various music video blogs, among them an atmospheric one for the Take Away Shows (,5279). You can not help, but will always connect her music with a mellow and melancholic ambience. So when we meet Emily Jane White in her flowing black robe, we walk to an old and vast courtyard a little tucked away from the nightly hustle and bustle of Stephansplatz ( feels like a setting of another time, when the graceful artist performs „Black Silk“ and „Oh Katherine“. She stands in front of an enlightened entrance for one song and at a passage connecting two courtyards for the other one. It’s dark and moody with a rich timbre.

Sarah Brugner
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Sarah Brugner


For getting an impression of the medieval, at times morbid charm certain places in Vienna unfold, we highly recommend walking through the narrow, cobbled lanes behind Stephansdom at night. The area – with its numerous backyards and old cellar doors – is sometimes referred to as Blutgassenviertel (literally translated: Blood Lane quarter) and contains Blutgasse itself and parts of Singerstraße and Domgasse, where Mozart lived and worked for a few years in the Figarohaus. The houses in the Blutgassenviertel are among the oldest to be found in Vienna, with some foundations dating back to the 12th century. There are a lot of myths circulating around the naming of Blutgasse – most of them contain stories about either human or animal blood flowing down the street – but none of them can be taken for granted. In fact, the lane was named Kothgässel until the 16th century, which probably refers to the way people got rid of excrement in the street.