Erwert And The Two Dragons

Planten un Blomen, 2012

Although Reeperbahn is busy as usual, it’s not hard to spot Ewert And The Two Dragons along the street. “Follow The Dragons” is written on the van of the Estonian band. No sooner said than done, we follow Ewert and his bandmates Erki, Kristjan and Ivo to the nearby park Planten un Blomen. The four Tallinn-based guys set up their gear at the picturesque lake in the vicinity of squealing seagulls, quacking ducks and purring geese. After a powerful and playful soundcheck intermezzo Ewert And The Two Dragons perform the hit single “Good Man Down”. “How could you shoot a good man down?,” sings Ewert with his sonorous voice. Another unhappy love story, another painfully beautiful song!

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Sarah Brugner

Planten un Blomen

In the heart of Hamburg lies the 47 hectare-sized park Planten un Blomen (which is Low German and means „Plants and Flowers“). Like a green belt the park encircles the inner city on its Western side. It was established on the route of the former city fortifications and is now a popular site that hosts various cultural events during summer and offers a lot of entertainment facitilites throughout the year (like playgrounds, miniature golf courses or skating rinks). However, it’s not just about entertainment. Dogwakers, joggers or other recreation seekers go for the calmer areas at Planten un Blomen. A special attraction is the Japanese Garden, the largest one in Europe!