Everything Everything

Random Tour Bus, 2011

The four Manchester-based guys from Everything Everything nestle in the back of their spacious nightliner as if they didn’t do anything else than playing acoustic sessions when driving from city to city. Their attentive and caring tour manager leads us up the narrow stairs to the „living room“ of the bus, where Jonathan, Jeremy, Alex and Michael set up two acoustic guitars, a bass and some percussion. Still in their day clothes (for their show they put on working overalls) they start into an amazing version of their hit „Photoshop Handsome“, a great example of the lively and stirring indie rock they are known for. In 2009 Everything Everything were voted amongst the top 15 upcoming bands of the UK in a BBC poll, and when you watch them play you quickly know why. As a second song we get to hear „Suffragette Suffragette“, their debut single from 2008. The mood is getting more and more relaxed, and it’s a pity we already have to leave their tour home again after the two-song session.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Michael Luger

Random Tour Bus

We’ve done a few van session already, but it is the first time that we get to film a performance inside a first-class tour bus – parked just outside the venue Flex – with the young and talented Everything Everything. Taking a glance in the tour bus feels a bit intimate, like being invited in the band’s second home. There have been some other occasions like this: when we met the mostly Electronic-band Holy Fuck transferring their van in a club; whereas Wavves‘ Nathan Williams shouts „Watch out for my food and Sudoku!“, when we are climbing in his snowbound means of transport. With We Were Promised Jetpacks we were fleeing the freezing cold into their car, while the nightly backyard-performance of White Rabbits was only made possible by their vehicle’s spotlights. And the van of The Pharmacy proved to be the right place for an aftershow-party.