Ezra Furman and the Harpoons

Café Europa, 2010

Falling for Ezra Furman & The Harpoons started with the super 8 video-aesthetics of the enthusiastic dylanesk song Take Off Your Sunglasses. But Bob Dylan is not the only reference for Ezra’s stirring vocals and The Harpoons barnstorming play. Traces from The Beatles, Lou Reed and a bit of the Daniel Johnston-spirit („let’s just do Walking The Cow first“) are interspersed throughout their oeuvre – not at all in an annoying rip-off way, but in an original and mind-expanding one. Anyway, when we meet Ezra, Job, Adam and Andrew on the day off after their well-loved show at the fm4-fest at Café Europa, they are in a good mood. After the Daniel Johnston-cover, they head for their own „Weak Knees“ and then come up with a third song, because „we don’t have much to do today“ as Ezra explains, „maybe you do…“. We definitely don’t have anything better to do than hanging out with this enjoyable band from NYC for a cup of coffee on a Sunday afternoon and listen to their heart-warming performance. Their last song „Falling Apart“ is from The Sleeptalkers, that is the guitarist Andrew’s other band project.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Michael Luger

Café Europa

Every city needs one: a café with the cosmopolitan name of a whole continent. And indeed Café Europa at Zollergasse 8 in Vienna’s 7th district attracts not only the local crowd, but also young and urban tourists that are opting for a Viennese café with a casual atmosphere. It’s a bustling and spacious place in a side road of the big shopping street Mariahilfer Strasse that offers espressos, café lattes, food and wi-fi. In the warmer months Europa is enlarged street-wise with an outdoor seating area and at selected nights via a huge back room called the „lager“.