Felix Kramer

Kongresspark, 2018

Ottakring is a compressed version of Vienna. Multicultural on the one side, traditional on the other, with wealthy areas, social housing blocks and non-descript residential neighbourhoods within close proximity. Ottakring is also Felix Kramer’s home. The young songwriter has spent pretty much his whole life around Kongresspark, Wattgasse and the famous Manner wafer factory. Felix has a great eye for stories happening around him, especially for those that “just miss a happy ending”, as he puts it. His characters are often overwhelmed with the possibilities of our time and confronted with the fact that things in life sometimes just go wrong. However, Felix’ timeless and nonchalant way of singing and playing makes even failure enjoyable to listen to.

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Fabian Ressl
Michael Luger
David Ruhmer
Simone Körner
Felix Kramer