Rehearsal Space, Valby, 2012

It is quite a long way out to Figurines’ rehearsal space. We cycle past old and new industrial buildings in Copenhagen’s Valby district until we find the address we are looking for a in a small backyard behind a car parking. Singer Christian welcomes us and opens the hidden door to their rehearsal room. In the narrow corridor leading to the practise space Jens sets up his keyboard underneath a shelf. Drummer Claus does some skateboard tricks and tries out which boxes are good to drum on. When bass player Mads and singer Christian join in, they start off the session with „Continuous Songs“ from their acclaimed album „Skeleton“. „Lucky To Love“ from their most recent, self-titled LP is next and fills the storage room with captivating melodies and harmonies.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Bence Kováts
Post production
Michael Luger
Johanne Fick

Rehearsal Space, Valby

Valby is a neighbourhood in South West Copenhagen and one of ten official districts of the Danish capital. It is a bit off the beaten tracks for tourists but becoming increasingly popular for residents. In fact Valby has everything to be a functioning city of its own: a charming and lively historic center with restaurants and cafés, a busy train station, a newly-built shopping center, industrial areas (such as the one where Figurines have their rehearsal space), high-rise housing blocks, more suburban areas with single-family houses, access to the sea and Copenhagen’s biggest park. With the redevelopment of the nearby site of the “Carlsberg brewery“, that lies between Valby and the more central Vesterbro, Valby might become more connected to Copenhagen’s center, both physically and mentally. But even now the neighbourhood in all its diversity is well worth a little detour from the routes travel guides suggest!