French Films

Weinhaus Sittl, 2012

Just cross the street once and you are in a completely different world: That’s what happens if you leave the hip bars and music venues underneath the tracks of the U6 metro line behind and walk over to Weinhaus Sittl, a traditional Austrian wine tavern. The five Finns of French Films follow us on this short walk and take over the regulars’ table at Sittl for a short but – to say the least – intense performance. The crowd consists largely of elderly, solitary men – some drunk, some abstinent -, who obviously enjoy the welcome distraction, starting to clap along already when French Films set up their instruments. Yet that’s only the foreplay to what is the most energetic, blowing-your-head-away performance we’ve seen and recorded in a while. From the first chord of „You Don’t Know“ French Films literally rock the place. „We haven’t rehearsed this at all. Let’s see what happens, I have no idea“, singer Johannes says. Well, that’s the right spirit! „Pretty In Decadence“ is next and equally intoxicating: Let’s „wave the flag for the bloodsucking blues!“ We think French Films should indeed be regulars at Sittl.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Michael Luger
Simon Brugner
French Films

Weinhaus Sittl

Surrounded by red-light bars, music venues and the busy Gürtel road, Weinhaus Sittl is an oasis of the typical, traditional Vienna. The interior hasn’t been changed for decades, and the same seems to be true for the people visiting the rustic restaurant. Time stands still at Sittl and you can easily imagine what it was like in the 19th century, when the restaurant was situated in the suburb Neulerchenfeld, then a popular destination for the Viennese to enjoy a day off. Even at that time the 1740-founded Sittl was the oldest of over 100 restaurants of the area. It has certainly kept its charm until nowadays and is a traditional place well worth exploring. Classic Austrian dishes such as Schnitzel and – for those who like it – offals including brain with egg and roasted liver are generally good value. In the backyard a huge, shady tree is the center of an atmospheric outdoor dining area. From time to time cultural events are happing at „Pelikanstüberl“, the back room of the restaurant. But Weinhaus Sittl tell its own tale every day, even if there are no special events scheduled.