From The Shade

Ragnarhof, 2008

“Don’t hurt yourself!” is a sentence which we have to use more and more often when we shoot with highly motivated bands. Andrew – From the Shade’s vj – tried to climb up the wall of an old, crumbling house to reach the upper floor and almost fell down because the bricks were loose. When searching for a ladder for an adventurous climb, we realized that this ruin of a house still provided a small hidden staircase that would lead us to this nicely wallpapered room with an extravagant view on the savaged backyard. Singer and guitarist Drew Andrews and violin player Matt “Professor” Resovich filled the open-house stage with their quiet, sensitive and melancholic music while visualist Andrew Pates shot his own video of this harmonious scenery. Besides their From The Shade project, Drew, Matt and Andrew are members of the San-Diego-based ambient rock band The Album Leaf.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Simon Brugner
Simon Brugner
From The Shade


In the unharried Grundsteingasse, diverging from the busy Gürtel road and leading to the vivid Brunnenmarkt, lies the autonomous cultural center Ragnarhof. Passing the door at the unimposing house No 12, you find yourself in a quirky courtyard with a rusting horse-statue on your left, a wee fish-shop on your right and bits of lumber all around. It has the charme of a building lot for artistic purposes. This courtyard belongs to the former factory building that has its name from Ragnar Mathéy, a lawyer from Berlin, who purchased the dilapidated complex in 1988, saved it from demolition and provided local artists with studios. Today Ragnarhof houses twelve artist studios and an exhibition room with various events like concerts, readings and small theater performances taking place there.