Eiffel Bar, 2011

“Let’s go to the town!”, drummer Alex Sowles says in the backstage room of the Loppen venue in Copenhagen. „The town“ in this case is Christianshavn, the neighbourhood around the club, with some nice canals, quiet cobbled streets and cosy bars. One of them, Eiffel Bar, is where we’re heading at for doing an animated session with California-based Ganglians. After ordering a couple of beers the four guys set up their gear in front of the coloured window, surrounded by Eiffel towers, French flags and other francophile memorabilia, and head into “That’s What I Want” from their current album “Still Living”. The crowd in the bar appreciates the surprise gig and gives them a warm applause. After some guitar tuning (the cold outside still makes the guitars go out of tune every two minutes) they get another song to hear: a marvelous rendition of “California Cousins”, where in the end two guys appear outside the window, wondering whether they should go in now. They do, finally, but too late for the Ganglians show.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Michael Luger
Sofie Bangsgaard

Eiffel Bar

Eiffel Bar doesn’t put its cards on the table right away. It could easily be the hippest bar in town, but also just a hangout for local drunks. The beer is cheap, the place cosy, the music occasionally weird, and so it happens that both target groups (students and old regulars) show up frequently and create an always interesting melting pot in this small Christianshavn bar. Its history dates back until 1736 (not as Eiffel Bar, though), when the tavern – located close to the harbour back then – attracted predominantly sailormen and whores. Some 50 years ago, when port activities had decreased around this area, it became Eiffel Bar, with stylized Eiffel towers and other french ornamentation, mirrored walls and an old jukebox, all of which still creates the special, worn-out charm of it. Take a stroll along the small, beautiful canals and streets in Christianshavn and you will inevitably get past Eiffel Bar. Sit down for a drink and enjoy the atmosphere!