Feedback Studio, 2015

Gerard feels a little weary. The previous night he joined OK Kid on stage and backstage at Donauinselfest. Now the Vienna-based rapper is giving us an interview in the courtyard of the studio, where he recorded his brand new album. As soon as we start talking about “Neue Welt” and music in general the weariness is all gone and Gerard presents himself vibrant, reflective and easygoing. And there’s so much to talk about with this young man who has been making music for a decade, graduated in law and has then – at the age of 25 – made the very conscious decision to try his luck as a full-time musician for one year. This was the deal he made with himself and also with his parents, after he experienced – during an internship in law – that there was simply not enough time to be creative after a 9 to 5 job. “I told my parents ‘Please, let me try this and if it doesn’t work out I can at least say that I have tried.'”, Gerard says in all modesty, “Fortunately, it has worked out. And since then my life could not be any better.” Gerard seems very grateful for his professional career in music and works accordingly hard and focused on it. Although he demands high standards of himself and the people working with him, he is very appreciative and eager to try out new things with like-minded electronic producers like Patrick Pulsinger and Sam Irl. At Feedback Studio the trio goes for an inspired take of the new single “Höhe fallen”.

Michael Luger
Sarah Brugner
Patrick Pulsinger
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Sarah Brugner
Nikolaus Ostermann
Simon Brugner
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Feedback Studio

The Feedback Studio in Vienna’s fifth district is a wonderful place to record (and perform) music. Located in the backyard of an old building the complex houses a rehearsal room, two recording studios, a workshop and a garage. It is run by none less than Patrick Pulsinger, a renowned producer, musician and curator who built up his reputation during Vienna’s electronic music heyday in the 1990s. Pulsinger owns and works with some real analogue treasures (modular synths!) in his studio, which attracts Austrian artists (Gerard! Elektro Guzzi! Bulbul!) as well as big international names (Hercules & Love Affair! Patrick Wolf! DJ Hell).