Helem Nejse

Trg Oslobodenja, 2017

The chess players are an institution in Sarajevo. The game is going on the whole day, every day. The mostly elderly men are used to being photographed by tourists, who are not familiar with and thus fascinated by this public chess culture. This is such a typical Sarajevo-scene that you wonder, why no real postcard exists of this famous chess game. Anyway with our Postcard Session featuring the up-and-coming hip hoppers Helem Nejse we want to change this! Whatever happens outside of the chessboard – even if it’s an impromptu hip hop performance right next to them – the chess crowd doesn’t seem to mind.

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Post production
Sarah Brugner
Helem Nejse

Trg Oslobodenja

For foreigners this public sqare in Sarajevo is hard to pronounce. The full name is Trg Oslobodenja Alija Izetbegovic (named after the first President of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina), in short Trg Oslobodenja or Liberation Square in English. The large square is situated along the busy pedestrian street, Ferhadija, and next to the largest Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Sarajevo. It’s a nice place to chill either in the many cafés alongside Ferhadija or on the benches and walls facing the chess players. Because they are the real tourist attraction at this otherwise common square. Every day mostly elderly men gather for some serious chess gaming. By now they are a popular photo motive, but don’t mind it as long as they don’t get interrupted at their game.