Hirsch Fisch

Karlskirche, 2020

Hirsch Fisch are the opening act of Popfest 2020 at Karlskirche Wien. The duo Norbert Trummer (vocals and ukulele) and Johnny Schwimmer (vocals, banjo and dobro) are joined by Walter Perlmurl Lameraner on saxophone and later on by the band Buntspecht for this special occasion. Some 20 years ago the Norbert Trummer and Johnny Schwimmer were already in a band together including pop, poetry and Styrian dialect: Scheffenbichler. Fortunately Hirsch Fisch still play some songs from their earlier Scheffenbichler days, for example the melancholic “Staub” (meaning “dust”). More upbeat are the following tracks feat. Buntspecht (who also performed at Popfest 2021) “Insekten” and “Zweite Kassa bitte” performed at the sanctuary of Karlskirche.

Sarah Brugner
Mamo Issa
Marcel Kulhanek
Gerald Zagler
Lina Reisinger
Post production
Michael Luger


Vienna's largest baroque church was built by architect J.B. Fischer von Erlach between 1716 and 1737. It was named after and commissioned by Emperor Karl IV after the cessation of a pest epidemic. Karlskirche's green, 236 feet or 72 meters high copper dome outshines Karlsplatz and its surrounding buildings.