Café Aromat, 2011

Not in Berlin, Hamburg or any other major German city, but off the beaten track in a Upper Bavarian village Cico Beck alias Joasihno started making music that is influenced by so multifarious artists like Múm, Ian Hawgood, Steve Reich, Nicolas Bernier & Simon Trottier. Their common denominator is a playful approach to create a sound universe full of ambient. Since Cico has been joined by Nico, they make marvelously complex and still really catchy sound arrangements as a duo. When we meet the German band before their show at Transporter, they set up their gear just a stone’s throw away in the big window of a cozy café. With electic guitar, xylophone, shaker, keyboard, an improvised drum set, laptop loops and coffee cups (!) Joasihno play the wonderful songs „Excited“ and „Please Go Back I Will“. Passers-by glance through the window while Joasihno’s performance culminates in beautiful vocal harmonies.

Sarah Brugner
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Sarah Brugner
Simon Brugner

Café Aromat

It is not so easy to get delicious crêpes in Vienna, even though Austria is proud of its Palatschinken, which are at least similar in terms of ingredients. But if you really want the classy French-style ones, you should definitely drop in at aromat! This smallish and cosy place serves some great snacks and even if you are not hungry, you might enjoy a cup of coffee or a pint of beer while watching the street life through the big window. Aromat lies in an animated neighbourhood: some hot spots like Schleifmühlgasse and Naschmarkt are just a stone’s throw away.