Kimyan Law

Stadlau highway junction, Lobau, 2018

Tall, attired in artist’s black or grey, dark skin and bright eyes, wearing his hair as an Afro, the electronic music producer Kimyan Law is a striking appearance in Vienna. Especially as he was born and raised near the outskirts of the city, where he was the only mixed-race child in school. There were moments of exclusions and solitude. However, Kimyan Law found places and sources that helped him through these formative childhood and teenage years. Those were nature and music. “I grew up surrounded by all these little sounds of trees and animals, the weather”, Kimyan Law reflects in his Zen-like voice. “So when I tell the story I try to replicate certain level of detail and an organic feel.” His Fractal Drum’n’Bass music inspired by organic sounds and subtle fragrances of nature is among others played in noisy clubs in big cities. A striking contrast, just like the freeway cutting through woods and lakes.

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Michael Luger
Kimyan Law
Ina Aydogan
Kimyan Law
Stadlau highway junction