Lukas Lauermann

Notgalerie Seestadt, 2020

We've filmed Lukas Lauermann a few times before (last time with Alicia Edelweiss) as he is playing in various bands ranging from contemporary classical music to alternative pop. In the no man's land between fallow grounds and the urban expansion area Seestadt Lukas Lauermann now presents his solo project. In this windy setting he starts with the hauntingly beautiful "finite district" on his cello and is joined by the cawing of a crow at the end of the performance. Lukas Lauermann composed this song for the documentary film „Alpenland“ from Robert Schabus about human interventions in the Alps. With the following track „here“ Lukas Lauermann picks up the idea of intervention and deconstruction and opens up a new dimension of fragility amidst the noise character of the song.

Camera & Editing
Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Sound Recording & Mix
Oliver Brunbauer
Yavuz Odabas
Lukas Lauermann

Notgalerie Seestadt

The story of Notgalerie is an art project in itself. The building was a former wooden makeshift church erected shortly after the end of Second World War in 1946. Once its service ended in 2000, the chapel was left to decay. When the artist Reinhold Zisser discovered the abandoned and ruinous building in 2015, he decided to turn it into a gallery. Notgalerie hosted regular exhibitions and events, but was threatened when the new landlord announced a complete tear-down of the site for a housing project. Reinhold Zisser successfully managed to relocate the building to another part of town. Here – at the urban field at the edge of Seestadt – Reinhold Zisser and his Notgalerie continued to make and display art of various fields. Yet the construction of Seestadt went ahead and the gallery was dismantled again in 2020. This time Notgalerie literally went to pieces as boards, windows and other elements were handed over to depositaries across Europe. For our session Lukas Lauermann performs on what was left from the gallery.