Maps & Atlases

B72, 2011

With “Perch Patchwork” Maps & Atlases have released one of the most amazing albums of 2010, one of these records that have no weak points. Thus, we were very keen on getting to do a session with them during their Vienna visit in February, also having seen some examples of previous videos they’ve done for other blogs (like this one ( for Yours Truly ( All the more enthusiastic we were when the Chicago-based band agreed to squeeze us into their tight schedule. The cold winter evening excluded any outdoor shoot and time constraints more or less forced us to just move all the stuff upstairs in the venue and do the filming there. Maps & Atlases set up in front of the big window towards the busy Gürtel road and quickly start into an inspired performance of their fantastic current single “Living Decorations”. Followed by an equally convincing rendition of “If This Is”, the four guys easily manage to fill the empty venue with energy and beauty and leave us happy and satisfied despite only having a 20-minutes time slot.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Manuel Hochegger
Post production
Michael Luger


Small but mighty. Countless petite-scheduled acts with big potentials have played the intimate setting of B72 since its start in 1998. Some of them – like Calexico or Tocotronic – have grown huge since their early performance at B72, some of them played here even though they are popular enough to fill larger venues – Zoot Woman, Bodi Bill or Malajube – and then there is the rest of bands that is meant to operate on small-scale till the end of their days. It is the mixture of pastime on one evening and exciting discoveries on another that makes you study the B72 programme. While the weekend crowd, that is partying to “Going Underground” or “Alternative Saturday Night”, is homogenously young, there is enough diversity during the rest of the week. Located in the eponymous railway arches 72-73 at Hernalser Gürtel and opened daily from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., B72 moreover belongs to the good pop-in-for-a-beer-places along this busy road.