Marching Band

Ronahi, 2012

It was three years ago when we first got in touch with Marching Band. The two Swedes were supposed to play a show in Vienna and we were looking forward to recording a session with them, having sunny and melodic indie pop tunes like “Aggravate” and “Travel In Time” in our ears. Yet, the tour was cancelled and we had to wait until the beginning of 2012 to get another chance. Jacob and Erik are touring again, supporting and playing with Dear Reader. We meet them at their hotel and head off to Ronahi restaurant with its cosy upstairs area. The place is packed at 5 in the afternoon and we don’t even find a place to sit down in the beginning, so Erik and Jacob just take their acoustic guitars and play their first song standing in the middle of the room: “It Is Hidden” is a beautiful track from Marching Band’s new album “Pop Cycle”. For the second song we secure a free sofa in a quiet corner, where the Linköping-based guys do the charmingly fragile “Feel Good About It”.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Michael Luger


In Vienna’s 7th district there is by no means a shortage of restaurants. Wherever you go you’ll have a good choice of decent restaurants of all categories. Ronahi on the lower end of Schottenfeldgasse – just a stone’s throw away from the busy shopping mile Mariahilfer Straße – specialises in Levantine cuisine and offers tasty food at reasonable prices (try the daily lunch specials). Yet Ronahi is not only a place to eat: The extensive, living-room-like upstairs area with sofas, coffee tables and moody light is a great hang out spot that quite a lot of people use for meetings, after-work-drinks or just a nice evening with friends. Even if Ronahi sometimes seems rather empty when walking past and looking into the downstairs windows, the first floor is almost always bustling. Yet if you’re hungry and don’t find a place to sit they also sell delicious take-away-sandwiches.