Me Succeeds

Café Miau, 2012

One of the best things about festivals is discovering new bands. During the Dockville Festival we came across me succeeds and were totally over the moon with this band. Luckily, as they were Hamburg locals, we could arrange a last minute filming session on the day after their festival show. It’s Monday morning when we meet the three-piece band at Café Miau in a peaceful street of a hip neighbourhood. Singer Mona (also known as MOHNA)works at Miau and has thus scheduled the session before her duty starts. With her mellow voice she intones “The Screws Holding It Together” with Lorin adding some deep vibes by his pressing vocals and bass play and Sebastian rounding the song on the acoustic guitar. Finished off by a clarinet part me succeeds’ performance on the morning after the festival euphoria hits a beautifully intense and melancholic chord.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Sarah Brugner
Simon Brugner
Me Succeeds

Café Miau

Actually we came here for the bathroom. The Hamburg-based band me succeeds suggested Café Miau’s ample bathroom for a filming spot. It’s definitely quite unusual for a coffehouse bathroom: it rather spreads the atmosphere of a cosy grandma’s living room. Yet it is just a lovely extra for visiting Café Miau, because it is especially the delicious food, drinks and snacks that you must come for. It’s a small, but charming place in a hip neighbourhood a little tucked away in the peaceful Glashüttenstraße 85a. The people working at Café Miau share the love for detail, that you’ll find in the food and the decoration. As the name implies, there’s many decorative traces of cats. Miaow!