Miss Li

Haldern Pop Festival, 2011

We finish the Haldern Pop sessions with a musical firework: an aftershow blast with Miss Li! The Swedish band is already chilling backstage when we approach them with a filming request. And, lo and behold, the combo around singer Linda Carlsson right away unboxes their instruments for an impromptu session. After a playful warm-up they start to chorus the song „Hit It“ under fairy lights. It’s a cheery performance including some drumming on beer and wine bottles and Miss Li’s voice is pretty awe-inspiring. After that acoustic premiere the excitement has no limits! For the rousing rendition of „Bourgeois Shangri-La“ she stands on the table and the volumne reaches a level so that more and more people are attracted to this backstage-session. Obviously the band was not so concerned about conserving their energy and Miss Li about sparing her voice, they rather felt like putting it all into their performance!

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Michael Luger
Simon Brugner
Miss Li

Haldern Pop Festival

Once upon a time a few alter boys from the small town of Haldern based in the idyllic Lower Rhine region of West Germany organised a party. Their party eventually grew and the young men invited bands to play there. At some point the pastoral festivity turned out to be more of a music festival hosting a well worth seeing Indie pop line-up. Now every August many music enthusiasts visit Haldern with its’ less than 6000 inhabitants to enjoy their favourite bands on a former riding ring. When strolling from this bigger festival area to the town square, where Haldern Pop Bar with its’ smaller stage ist located, people pass cow and horse paddocks. The atmosphere is very relaxing and welcoming and even though the festival has become fairly popular, you can still recollect its’ pastoral roots: some shows take place in the local church!