Haldern Pop Festival, 2011

Festivals are there to come across bands that you have not heard of before and after having heard of them, you can not imagine how you could ever do without them. Moddi is such a band that we got to discover this festival season. The Norwegian band around Pål Moddi Knutsen played a mind-blowing show in the local church at Haldern Pop Festival and on the morning after they set up their stuff at the next cow paddock. The spotted cows are intrigued and gather at the fence, when fair curly haired Moddi and his bandmates start into a haunting rendition of „Krokstav-Emne“. A fresh breeze is blowing around the young singer’s head, who wears a T-shirt propagating wind power. Till the end of the atmospheric performance the cows seem to have pushed forward even more and – apart from the noise of cars driving-by – this feels like the perfect festival idyll!

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Michael Luger
Simon Brugner

Haldern Pop Festival

Once upon a time a few alter boys from the small town of Haldern based in the idyllic Lower Rhine region of West Germany organised a party. Their party eventually grew and the young men invited bands to play there. At some point the pastoral festivity turned out to be more of a music festival hosting a well worth seeing Indie pop line-up. Now every August many music enthusiasts visit Haldern with its’ less than 6000 inhabitants to enjoy their favourite bands on a former riding ring. When strolling from this bigger festival area to the town square, where Haldern Pop Bar with its’ smaller stage ist located, people pass cow and horse paddocks. The atmosphere is very relaxing and welcoming and even though the festival has become fairly popular, you can still recollect its’ pastoral roots: some shows take place in the local church!