Munch Munch

Fluc, 2008

It is only a few feet above the toilet and even less distance from the abyss that Munch Munch perform what is their first ever unplugged session. When listening to their debut 7” “Wedding” or their energetic, almost manic live shows it is hard to imagine what this powerful, eclectic music sounds like if you pull out the plug. Richard, Thomas, Sarah and Jack from Bristol, UK might not be sure as well when they ascend to the roof of Vienna’s music club Fluc on a ramshackly ladder – which is difficult enough with all the instruments plus beer and wine glasses – and watch out for a nice spot on the moon-like surface, viewing the crowd that waits for the start of their show from the top. A crowd that raises heads as soon as Sarah starts playing warm organ chords and the band kicks off with a quiet and intense version of their song “In The House” while trains pass by in the background. It’s a pity that we regrettably experienced some equipment troubles just this day and the sound of the recording is not as good as Munch Munch’s convincing unplugged debut deserved it to be.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Simon Brugner
Simon Brugner
Munch Munch


It might easily be mistaken for a messy construction site. In fact the 14 greyish containers which are nested into each other – and still do not exactly look like a finished building – form the place for one of Vienna’s top addresses for music lovers and club goers. The Fluc – which is short for “fluctuated rooms” – is situated at the busy traffic junction Praterstern in the second district Leopoldstadt. Surrounded by a red-light area, a funfair and recreation park as well as a train station Fluc consists of two rooms that can be used separately for concerts and DJ sets of very differing musical styles. Upstairs is the place for hanging out, having some beers or watching one of the usually very good live shows without paying any entrance fee, while the Fluc Wanne – a former subway connecting the two sides of a four-lane-road – is used for well attended concerts and clubs. Until 2005 the Fluc was located in the nearby train station building but had to be closed down due to a conversion. With the support of the City of Vienna today’s venue was opened in March 2006.