MusikarbeiterInnen kapelle

Karlsplatz, 2016

Growing up on the Austrian countryside the local brass band is often the only live music available. MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle has been formed “to overcome this trauma” (as is written on their website) and to show that brass music can be much more than the ever-present traditional folk music from our childhood days. At Popfest in Vienna Austria’s (most probably) biggest band goes for a bombastic performance, that leaves nothing to be desired. Joined by various artists from Skero over Ankathie Koi to Yasmo, they play an eclectic set with songs ranging from Bilderbuch’s “Maschin” over Kraftwerk’s “Das Model” to the Italian partisan song “Bella Ciao”.

Clara Wolf
Martyna Trepczyk
Tiago Liko
Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Post production
Stefan Schauer
Stefan Detter


Karlsplatz is a centrally located square, situated between the inner city and the fourth district. In the late 19th century the square was erected on the former riverbed of Wienfluss, which was regulated and canopied. Karlsplatz lies at the foot of the massive and splendid Karlskirche, Vienna’s largest baroque church. Moreover Art-Nouveau-style Otto Wagner Pavillon with Club U, historic Wien Museum, project space, Künstlerhaus, brut and the Technical University are situated on or in the vicinity of the square. The square and its environment have experienced various transfigurations. It has changed from a notorious place for drug dealing to a popular hang out spot. In summer Popfest Wien brings live shows to Karlsplatz, while in winter the square is converted into a big Christmas market.