Oskar Haag

Karlskirche, 2021

This is an unconventional first. The young musician from Carinthia plays his first proper show at the last night of Popfest Wien in the grand Karlskirche. At the time of the recording the singer-songwriter is only 15 years old and performs the beautifully yearning and melancholic song "Stargazing". It seems that Oskar Haag is a star rising out of nowhere. Yet his father, Oliver Welter, and his band Naked Lunch have been quite popular, too. Meanwhile Oskar Haag takes his time to finish school. His debut album "Teenage Lullabies" will be released in 2023.

Michael Luger
Vincent Kelsey
Lina Reisinger
Post production
Michael Luger


Vienna's largest baroque church was built by architect J.B. Fischer von Erlach between 1716 and 1737. It was named after and commissioned by Emperor Karl IV after the cessation of a pest epidemic. Karlskirche's green, 236 feet or 72 meters high copper dome outshines Karlsplatz and its surrounding buildings.