Paul Plut

Königshöhle, 2021

Mystical, old as dirt places go well together with Paul Plut's music. We've encountered him last time in a church in the heart of the city. This time Paul Plut and his band set out for nature and wander on a narrow path under tall pine trees to a cave in Wienerwald. Paul Plut stands barefoot on the dusty and cold ground and strikes up the song „Katzenburg“ on the accordion. „It's this ancient place to have a rest and take a deep breathe,“ the artist describes the song,“The mountain hut before the thunderstorm. A stony chapel in midday heat. The harbour, the oasis, the White Lodge, the house of the magician, the Katzenburg: a ruin in the deep forests between blueberry and chanterelle.“ The song is dark and consoling at the same time. Paul Plut's feet are (not only in the lyrics) getting cold, but the faint spring sun slowly and promisingly makes it's way through.

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Franz Reiterer
Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Big Rok
Sound Mix
Paul Plut
Sound Master
Alexander Lausch
Set Design
Mael Blau
Paul Plut


There are several caves in this area of Wiener Wald, but the 25 meters deep Königshöhle is one of the most famous ones. Numerous pottery vessels, tools and pieces of jewellery from the Neolithic period and the early Bronze Age have been excavated here. And unlike other dark caves it was perfect for filming as it has a big window opening up to the sky.