Douarnenez, 2015

In September 2014 our friends from Polkov spent some time in the north-west of France and sent us this lovely video as the ultimative holiday greetings. Here’s their story:

“We played a few gigs and rented a house near the cosy town of Pouldergat in the Bretagne to write, play, cook, eat and drink. We actually hadn’t released our debut at that time but we happened to write and arrange our second album while enjoying the most delicious dishes composed by Polkov chefs… fresh seafood and hyperreal salads… We didn’t spend too much time at the beach though as the Bretagne Atlantic is nothing like the familiar Adriatic Badewanne, but that day our bosnian driver Schiffko took us to ‘Point Passion Plage’ in Douarnenez one more time before we left for a Paris gig the next day. Florentina had already been back to Austria and we hadn’t really planned to do a session or something – I guess some of us intended to go swimming but standing knee deep turned out to be refreshment enough – and somehow we ended up with guitars and stones.”

Jakob Kolb
Sound Recording
Schiffko Mobile Phone
Post production
Jakob Kolb


Douarnenez looks out onto a wide bay, safe for bathers and easily accessible to boats. Protected from the force of the Atlantic the Brittany town served the Romans as a port before the difficult passage to Britannia. It has a long fishing tradition and was once a big producer of sardine tins. While the fishing has declined over the years, the Douarnenez Bay attracts with its fine sand beaches like the beautiful Point Passion Plage, where Polkov went for an impromptu kneedeep-in-water-performance.