Ramona Falls

Brunnenmarkt, 2010

The Brunnenmarkt-area in Vienna’s 16th district seems to be predestined for walk-around-the-block-sessions. When we filmed the Icelandic band Seabear there, we started at Chelsea venue, went to Brunnenmarkt and then filmed a walking performance on the way back to complete the circle around the block. This time it’s the turn of Portland-based Ramona Falls, a new project of Menomena guitarist Brent Knopf. The starting and ending point is the same, but we just hop around another block. Brent, Cherilyn, Michael and Jean-Louise – who are also playing in Dear Reader – are in a good mood. They find a cardboard box for Brent to sit in during “Bellyfulla”, make friends on the roof of a coffee stand, where they perform “The Darkest Day” creepily staring at the camera, and finally play “I Say Fever” on their way back through the market and on the sidewalk towards the venue.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Michael Luger
Simon Brugner
Ramona Falls


Brunnenmarkt (meaning fountain market) is the city’s largest street market. It was formed in the late 18th century around a fountain that channelled water to the Hofburg (home of the President, formerly the Emperor). Intra-urban Naschmarkt might be Vienna’s best known market with international, but increasingly touristy flair. Yet Brunnenmarkt, situated outside of the Gürtel, is the better local supplier, due to the large immigrant population which surrounds the immediate vicinity. You can find numerous Turkish shops, restaurants, and, most notably, fruit and veggie stalls, which sell all kinds of local and exotic foods at a bargain price. And should you catch the peddlers before they close their tents for the evening, you may snatch up their goods for at an even greater bargain price. The lively market stretches all along Brunnengasse, where at its northern end it has all but fused together with the smaller Yppenmarkt. The area emits a lively Mediterranean atmosphere, and is home to some of the best kebab houses in town.