Rotten Bliss

Mariainsel, 2018

On a hot and humid late summer afternoon London based avant-garde cellist and vocalist Rotten Bliss finds herself on a small island surrounded by cloudy water in the Austrian countryside. When elaborating on her music, Jasmine Pender strikes a poetic and philosophic note: “Life to me feels like this. We have these strange storms that have all kind of forces within them. At times they crystallize and that’s where the songs are. They are moments of clarity in seas and voids of confusion and chaos.” In this tranquil setting Rotten Bliss music rolls through like a heavy storm: rousing, vigourous and beautifully haunting.

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Post production
Michael Luger


“Maria and Franz are the most common names in this area,” artist Alfredo Barsuglia explains. That is why he called his public art project for the 6th Wasser Biennale in Fürstenfeld “Mariainsel”. And the tiny channel separating the erected island from the mainland “Franzkanal”. During the summer months various art installations and performances have been displayed along the river Feistritz on Mariainsel, which might be the smallest festival island of the world.