Russian Red

Ciudad Lineal, 2012

How comes that a music treasure like Russian Red was tucked away from us for so long? Obviously we first had to travel to Madrid to come across this outstanding Spanish band that has made it to big national fame. Once you are immersing into the Spanish music scene, there is no way around Russian Red and their captivating singer- and songwriter Lourdes Hernández. For the filming session the band invites us to their small, but cosy studio in an office building complex. On the fire escape under the glistening noon sun the trio plays a buoyant acoustic version of “Everyday Everynight”. It won’t be long until the Spanish fans will have to share Russian Red with an international audience!

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Bence Kováts
Post production
Sarah Brugner
Sarah Brugner
Russian Red

Ciudad Lineal

Ciudad Lineal (linear city) is a district in the East of Madrid, and a concept in urban planning. The Spanish architect Arturo Soria y Mata first developed the idea of attaching components and functions of a city to an optimal linear infrastructure in 1882. The concept opposes traditional patterns of city center and periphery and circular growth. Ciudad Lineal in Madrid is the first and best-known example of Soria’s idea and evolves along Calle de Arturo Soria and Calle de los Hermanos Garcia Noblejas (where we shot our session with Russian Red in an office building full of band studios and rehearsal rooms). Ciudad Lineal with its mix of residential, office and industrial areas doesn’t offer places of touristic interest, but cineastes might like to stroll around the close by Barrio de la Concepción where director Pedro Almodóvar shot one of his early films, “What Have I Done To Deserve This?”.