Hotel Kunsthof, 2012

It’s -15 degrees, heavy snowfall and strong, freezing winds. In short: February 7th in Vienna is a day to stay at home. S.C.U.M do, yet involuntarily. Their tour bus doesn’t start for the second day in a row, and while they managed to get it going again with the help of a repairman the first time, things now look like they will be stranded in Vienna for a while. The five Londoners are hanging out in the lobby of their hotel when we arrive after a 30-minutes taxi ride through snow-covered streets. Singer Tom shows us around the downstairs area and we decide to set up in one of the hotel lounges. From the first chords of their well-familiar single „Amber Hands“ it is clear that this is not going to be a stripped-down acoustic performance, but a mighty live session that might knock all the still-asleep hotel guests out of their beds. But hey, what a way to start the day! „Cast Into Seasons“ from S.C.U.M’s debut album „Again Into Eyes“ is next and equally driven by the dark intensity that is typical for the band’s sound. After the session is done they head out into the city to explore Vienna’s second hand shops, waiting for their journey to continue.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Michael Luger
Nikolaus Ostermann

Hotel Kunsthof

Kunsthof is a small, 49-room hotel in Vienna’s second district. It is located in a rather quiet neighbourhood, but close to the bustling Praterstern. The hotel regularly exhibits modern arts from Austrian and international artists in its recently refurbished 19th century building.