Essling, 2015

On a hot summer day somewhere at the edge of Vienna we meet the electronic artist salute. Here in this calm suburbia setting the 18-years-old Felix Nyajo started his early and successful producing career. The room in his family home is puristic and so is his approach to making music. A laptop, a speaker and the exchange with other artists on the internet, that’s all salute needed to get started at an age, where he hadn’t seen a dance club from the inside. Although he has done a lot of DJing since then, salute mainly sees himself as a producer. When we visit him that summer, Felix has just finished school and is about to move to the UK in autumn. In this time of transition salute takes a seat in the garden chair and plays the very personal track “Silver Tides” for us.

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Martyna Trepczyk
David Ruhmer
Post production
Sarah Brugner
Simon Brugner
Sarah Brugner
Thanks to
Red Bull Music


Essling is a part of Vienna’s 22nd district Donaustadt. Situated right at the edge of the city it consists mostly of agricultural land and detached, semi-detached and terrace houses. To the south of Essling the Lobau National Park offers a beautiful floodplain landscape for recreation and sports. Until 1938 Essling was an independent village, mostly known for being the location of Napoleon Bonaparte’s first defeat in a battle. In 1809 the Austrian Archduke Karl threw back Napleon’s troops and took away the nimbus of the invincible of the French Emperor.