Slow Club

Veringkanal, 2012

Now here they are stretched out in the evening sun at Hamburg harbour for a wonderful acoustic session. In this sun-kissed setting it is hard to imagine the circumstances in which we met Slow Club for the first time. Back then the Sheffield boy-girl duo Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor huddled up at The Lakes in wintery Copenhagen. Despite the chillness on this grey morning their performance turned out incredibly heart-warming and thus became one of our most watched sessions. Meanwhile Slow Club have moved to London, have grown to a four-piece band and have become more and more popular. Relaxed and good-mooded they go for an inspired take of “The Dog” with the wind swirling in their hair. What an idyll! Close to perfect, although some overoptimistic sunbathers turn a blind eye on the dead fish and risk a jump into the dirty harbour waters.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Simon Brugner
Simon Brugner
Slow Club


Just around the corner of the MS Dockville festival site lies the idyllic Veringkanal. There’s lush greenery on both sides of the channel that invites you to stroll from the picturesque water tower to the old watergate and nearly makes you forget the close-by industrial setting. However, the trucks roaring above you on the road bridge and the “No swimming” signs remind you that the harbor and with it the noise and pollution is not that far away.