Sweet Sweet Moon

Topkino, 2011

Equipped with violin and cello Sweet Sweet Moon walk up an imposing staircase that is leading to the city’s biggest shopping street. Just a stonethrow from this hustle and bustle the Vienna-based musicians set to play a new song with the long title „I See Things That You Don’t See And That Is Blue, Blue, Black And Dylan…“. Sweet Sweet Moon is the solo project of the young and talented Matthias Frey, who is regularly joined by Lukas Pöchhacker on cello. And what the two Viennese string-playing boys present now is simply breathtaking. For the length of a song Matthias’ sonorous and haunting vocals drown out all other noise around. For the the second song, a cover of „Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call“ by The Weakerthans, the musicians are invited to play in the window of the neighbouring Topkino. Slightly reluctant at first, Sweet Sweet Moon then set to perform in all their grandness. Hard to belive that this band, that produces such a mind-blowing and massive sound, is a bit bashful in the light of the unexpected audience. „So many people“, Matthias grins into the camera. We’d say this man deserves a much bigger audience!

Sarah Brugner
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Sarah Brugner
Nikolaus Ostermann
Sweet Sweet Moon


Vienna is lucky to have a number of independent cinemas, whose programme goes well beyond the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Top Kino is one of the nicest examples of that type. With its central location close to Museumsquartier and the increasingly hip Gumpendorfer Straße it is not only a place to watch good movies, but also a café, bar and restaurant where people meet at all times of the day. In summer they open a cosy outdoor area, which is a bit off the surrounding busy streets and therefore presents a perfect occasion to sit down to relax, have a coffee and read through some newspapers (if you happen to be there in the morning try the „director’s breakfast“: an espresso and a cigarette). Once in a while Top Kino hosts events, such as the Poolinale music film festival or weekend parties.