Sweet Sweet Moon

Elbe, 2012

Our last encounter with Matthias Frey a.k.a. Sweet Sweet Moon at Top Kino in Vienna resulted in nothing less than our most watched video ever! So it was only a question of time until we would do a follow up session with this remarkable musician. We meet Matthias at Molotov club in Hamburg, where he sets up his gear for his first show at Reeperbahn Festival. After a short walk along Reeperbahn and through narrow St. Pauli alleys we arrive at the riverside, climb a small fence and head down to the bank of river Elbe. Suddenly the busyness of the city is completely gone. Hamburg lies in the background, yet the only sounds come from the fresh autumn wind, some ships passing by and the river itself. In this idyllic setting Sweet Sweet Moon chooses to play a brandnew, unreleased song, a love song, fragile and melancholic, with mellow keyboard sounds and a beautiful vocal melody.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Simon Brugner
Simon Brugner
Thanks to
Hamburg & Reeperbahn Festival
Sweet Sweet Moon


The Elbe is a 1094 kilometer long river, rising in Czech Republic, traversing large parts of Germany and finally flowing into the North Sea. Major cities along the river include Dresden, Magdeburg and Hamburg. In Hamburg the Elbe is divided into several branches, the main one being Northern Elbe which crosses the city center, where the river is greatly integrated in the city’s life: Large cruise ships frequently pass by Landungsbrücken and are accompanied by fireworks, festivities and masses of crowds, a new philharmonic hall is to be finished soon right at the riverside, and a boat trip on the Elbe is an integral part of every Hamburg visit anyway. Yet the Elbe is also essential for Hamburg’s economic prosperity, connecting the city and its port – the second-largest in Europe – to the sea.