Tahiti 80

Funkhaus, 2011

Out of the radio station and into the next playground – what might seem nerve-wracking for others, looks like a welcome change for Tahiti 80. The French band has a busy schedule, but they still take their time to play with the kids. A young boy, who was immediately convinced by their busking qualities, walks up to Tahiti 80 to give them a coin. After the rendition of the light and breezy „Easy“ the kids manage to ask – „What’s your name?“ – in English. And singer Xavier Boyer promptly answers – „Wir heißen Tahiti 80.“ – in German. Big clouds appear on the sky when the band sets for the bittersweet and catchy „Darlin’ (Adam & Eve Song)“. However, soon enough again Tahiti 80 find themselves dazzled by the sun. A last snapshot, an entry in our guestbook – „Ich liebe Kindergarten!“ – and the sunshine boys are off to new shores.

Sarah Brugner
Sound Recording
Matthias Leihs
Post production
Sarah Brugner


Many bands and music artists that stop by Vienna call at the rectangular, greyish Funkhaus in Argentinierstraße. They follow an invitation from Radio FM4 to do an interview or play a session in one of the beautiful recording studios. FM4 is a national radio station and has become indispensable for listeners of alternative pop music in Austria and parts of Germany (the close-by Bavaria). It broadcasts – besides the music – a rather high level of spoken word content (some of it produced in English) and frequently organizes concerts. Apart from FM4 the listed building, constructed in the 1930s, houses another well-known radio station operated by the public broadcaster ORF – Ö1. Ö1 is a cultural radio network that focuses on classical music, jazz, documentaries, radio plays, discussions et al. Further mentionable and integrated in the 1930s Funkhaus is the RadioKulturhaus, that stages concerts, literature readings, round table discussion and other cultural events. Talked so much about culture, hence, it is not surprising that the adherent café is named KulturCafé.