B72, 2010

Mali rhythms to drown the traffic noise! We catch up with Kidal-based Tamikrest on a hot summer evening along a busy road close to the venue of their Vienna show. Though Tamikrest’s music takes root in Ishumar Rock or Touareg Blues, it includes various international influences and they tour all over Europe. Marvelously dressed-up in the brightest colours with the percussionist and the guitarist wearing a turban, the trio brings some new vibes to Vienna. Sitting on an unembellished bench on a pavement in the Austrian capital, Ousmane Ag Mossa sings about the Touareg struggle for self determination. Without understanding a word the Tamasheq poetry and the comforting rhythms evokes thoughts that let you drift to the end of the world and beyond and bring you back to your contemplative self. Later that night at Tamikrest’s concert though, people were less introspective, yet dancing and clapping in joy.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Michael Luger
Simon Brugner


Small but mighty. Countless petite-scheduled acts with big potentials have played the intimate setting of B72 since its start in 1998. Some of them – like Calexico or Tocotronic – have grown huge since their early performance at B72, some of them played here even though they are popular enough to fill larger venues – Zoot Woman, Bodi Bill or Malajube – and then there is the rest of bands that is meant to operate on small-scale till the end of their days. It is the mixture of pastime on one evening and exciting discoveries on another that makes you study the B72 programme. While the weekend crowd, that is partying to “Going Underground” or “Alternative Saturday Night”, is homogenously young, there is enough diversity during the rest of the week. Located in the eponymous railway arches 72-73 at Hernalser Gürtel and opened daily from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., B72 moreover belongs to the good pop-in-for-a-beer-places along this busy road.