Alte Donau, 2016

Tanzhausgeiger translates to English as dance hall violinists and strings and dancing is what the 5-piece band is truly about! Early morning on a jetty at the Old Danube we start into a long and buoyant day of recording where Tanzhausgeiger – accompanied by a group of dancers – play their way through the city. Equipped with violins, contra, double bass and a soprano saxophone they also prove to be wonderful street musicians, attracting passers-by and bringing a smile to a stranger’s face. The dance-along session ends long after night has drawn in and leaves everyone involed in high spirits.

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Post production
Michael Luger
Anna Zet

Alte Donau

The Old Danube and the New Danube are Vienna’s most popular bathtubs. While the New Danube is still connected to the actual Danube river, the Old Danube is not. The inland water spreads over 1,6 square kilometres with an average depth of 2,5 meters (the maximum depth is 6,8 meters). Counting between 700.000 and 1 million bathers per year, the Old Danube is a major recreational area for Vienna’s population. And people do not just visit for bathing, but for all kinds of water sports like rowing or sailing or simply for enjoying the scenery like we did for our recording with Tanzhausgeiger.