Taxi Taxi

Hotel Fürstenhof, 2010

We first stumbled over the Swedish duo Taxi Taxi! because of a newsletter that we’ve received from the Danish record label Rumraket. The label is run by the well-known and highly admired band Efterklang and features several bands that we’d love to work with (Slaraffenland being the other Rumraket-band that we’ve filmed so far). On the morning after their Vienna show in early spring we meet the young twin sisters from Taxi Taxi! for a session at Hotel Fürstenhof. Faint light is falling into their room, when Miriam and Johanna E. Berhan are doing some short rehearsal. They decide on “To Hide This Way” and “Birdful Eyes” and thus leave the song “Still Standing At Your Back Door” out (which is also the title of their first full-length album). At one moment their songs feel really fragile and in the next one they are a live wire and display some great intensity. At the end of the atmospheric performance the drummer, who supported the girls on their tour, drops in saying: “What lovely way to be woken up!”

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Sarah Brugner
Simon Brugner
Taxi Taxi

Hotel Fürstenhof

Fürstenhof is a popular accommodation for alternative musicians on tour. The family-run hotel on Neubaugürtel next to Westbahnhof offers special discounts for artist. The house was built more than a century ago; dark red carpets, wooden furniture as well as the dedicated family working behind the counter all contribute to an old-fashioned, yet warm and friendly ambiance. The wall in the lobby is full of photos from bands that have chosen to stay at Fürstenhof. It is quite likely to have breakfast next to some musicians in here. During the Bluebird-Festival the number of musicians might have even outreached the number of non-artists.