The Animen

Magnihalden, 2014

In this idyllic and calm square setting with its burbling fountain and twittering birds, it is hard to imagine that the close-by Open Air St. Gallen is already in full swing. However, with their charming session on the day before their rocking festival gig The Animen show how you can profit from both. The casually cool band from Geneva kick off with the catchy “My Pretty Ballerina”, followed by the rousing “The Road Taken”. Actually, singer Theo Wyser already had us at the first ukulele chords (not to mention his impressive vocals). After the mind-blowing session with this band from French-speaking Switzerland we can only shout “Encore!”.

Sarah Brugner
Michael Luger
Martyna Trepczyk
David Ruhmer
Post production
Michael Luger
Martyna Trepczyk


Just around the corner from the busy Marktplatz lies the sedate street Magnihalden. A picturesque square with a shadowy tree and a cooling fountain forms its center. With the church St. Mangen in the background and a nice view on half-timbered houses it’s the perfect place to pause for a moment befor throwing yourself back into the hustle and bustle of the city center.