The Hundred In The Hands

Veringkanal, 2012

It’s Day 1 of MS Dockville Festival 2012. The first bands of the festival just started playing and we absorb their tunes while checking out the festival site which is full of beautifully playful, self-made and walkable arts installations and sculptures. Yet for the shoot with the Brooklyn-based The Hundred In The Hands we leave the festival towards a quiet canal in Hamburg’s Wilhelmsburg neighbourhood. Eleanore – a trained opera singer – and Jason – a New York arts school graduate – set up under a bridge, directly by the water and start into a beautiful, stripped-down version of „SF Summer“ from their new album “Red Night”. Without beats and keyboards the song unfolds a haunting fragility that strangely fits this dark and peaceful setting. Above us the sound of lorries coming from Hamburg’s harbour occasionally disturbs the rural scenery, but Eleanore and Jason are too focused to bother. For a few minutes they create an own little world down there under the bridge, and some passers-by – mostly festival audience – are lucky enough to get a glimpse of it before The Hundred In The Hands evening show.

Michael Luger
Sound Recording
Sarah Brugner
Post production
Michael Luger


Just around the corner of the MS Dockville festival site lies the idyllic Veringkanal. There’s lush greenery on both sides of the channel that invites you to stroll from the picturesque water tower to the old watergate and nearly makes you forget the close-by industrial setting. However, the trucks roaring above you on the road bridge and the “No swimming” signs remind you that the harbor and with it the noise and pollution is not that far away.