The Ruff Pack

Funkhaus, 2015

It’s not the first time that we recorded a studio session with the US/Austrian hip-hop crew The Ruff Pack. In the fabulous setting of FM4’s Studio 2 Stephan Kondert (bass), Matt Pedals (guitar) and Daru Jones (drums) blow away the roof with their driving rhythms, pumping bass lines and complex guitar patterns. This time they have invited some guests, namely the Austrian rapper Average and the Vienna-based Jahson The Scientist. Average performs his aggressive track “Spaßfreie Zone” (The Ruff Pack / Jimmy Remix), Jahson The Scientist finds a softer tone for 7 Rays (The Ruff Pack / Strawberry Fields Remix). We’re looking forward to more of these collabs!

Sarah Brugner
Christopher Herndler
Michael Luger
Rudi Ortner
Post production
Michael Luger
The Ruff Pack


Many bands and music artists that stop by Vienna call at the rectangular, greyish Funkhaus in Argentinierstraße. They follow an invitation from Radio FM4 to do an interview or play a session in one of the beautiful recording studios. FM4 is a national radio station and has become indispensable for listeners of alternative pop music in Austria and parts of Germany (the close-by Bavaria). It broadcasts – besides the music – a rather high level of spoken word content (some of it produced in English) and frequently organizes concerts. Apart from FM4 the listed building, constructed in the 1930s, houses another well-known radio station operated by the public broadcaster ORF – Ö1. Ö1 is a cultural radio network that focuses on classical music, jazz, documentaries, radio plays, discussions et al. Further mentionable and integrated in the 1930s Funkhaus is the RadioKulturhaus, that stages concerts, literature readings, round table discussion and other cultural events. Talked so much about culture, hence, it is not surprising that the adherent café is named KulturCafé.