The Ruff Pack

Lords Of The Sounds, 2014

Tucked away in the small village Michelhausen, an hour’s drive outside of Vienna, lies Lords of the Sounds recording studio. Most locals don’t even know it’s there. It’s a place of retreat, where you can only focus on music, and possibly on nature walks in recording breaks. This is the location The Ruff Pack chose for their studio session. The three-piece Jazz/HipHop crew consisting of Stephan Kondert (Bass), Matthias Löscher (Guitars) and Daru Jones (Drums) has settled in the studio for a couple of days for some pre-recording sessions. It’s the last day at Lords of the Sounds and the Vienna/New-York-based band is in a playful and energetic spirit when they kick into “Not In My Town” from their 2013-album “With You”. The song builds up and up, pauses several times, blows off the roof already at the 3-minute mark and doesn’t release you until the last beat. „That was the one!“, Daru Jones shouts at the end. Oh yeah!

Sarah Brugner
Simon Brugner
Michael Luger
Lords of the Sounds Studio
Sound Mix
Wolfgang Schiefermair
Post production
Simon Brugner
Michael Luger
Thanks to
Lord of the Sound Studio
The Ruff Pack

Lords Of The Sounds

Of course you can choose from a lot of fancy recording studios in the city. But if you don’t want to be distracted by the urban hustle and bustle, it makes perfect sense to open up your studio in a sleepy small town. The recording studio Lords Of The Sounds is embedded in such a tranquil setting southwest of Tulln in the market town Michelhausen. From outside you wouldn’t expect it to be a recording studio as it is located in a former municipal building, yet inside the spacious studio plays all the tricks.